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I Love Him, I Love Him Not (Westgate Prep Series, Book 2)

Talia has to unravel her emotions to figure out what she really wants. The one person she can always turn to is Jake, and he isn’t exactly available. Talia hates that she’s jealous of the new girl in Jake’s life, especially since she can’t decide if she loves him … or if she loves him not.

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Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? (Westgate Prep Series, Book 1)

Happily Ever After only happens with the right guy. It’s a tiny but important detail most fairy tales choose to leave out. But what happens when the princess rides off into the sunset with Prince Charming, only to discover he’s not so charming, after all?

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About the Author

Ella Martin is a young adult author and self-described “prep school survivor” from Southern California. With a keen sense for combining relatable teen characters with engrossing stories, her books blend aspects of romance, angst, and intrigue. Her novel Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? is the first in the Westgate Prep series of books that tackle female friendships, quirky characters, and sensitive topics with equal tact.